Farrow & Ball — An Exact Science


With a complex blend of pigments, the same paint color can feel bright in the morning sun, warm in the afternoon light or cocooning as dusk falls. High levels of titanium dioxide give Farrow & Ball paint exceptional durability and coverage in just two coats. This bright white pigment refracts light beautifully back into your room, giving the depth of colour that Farrow & Ball is known for. An extraordinary amount of thought goes into the curated palette by the Farrow & Ball color experts, and paint is blended with only the highest quality ingredients and richest pigment levels. It’s what gives hues unmatchable depth and exceptional coverage.

Whether you’re hoping to recreate our signature chalky look in a bedroom, add a durable mid sheen to kitchen cabinets or brighten a front door with a striking gloss, the palette is available in a full range of interior and exterior finishes. Farrow & Ball paints are eco friendly, water based finishes with low VOCs and low odor – simply wash brushes with warm soapy water after use.

A Long History

It began after the Second World War in
1946. Farrow was a trained chemist who
worked for Ireland’s Agnew Paints, while
Ball was an engineer who survived
capture as a prisoner of war.

The founders were groundbreaking
in their pursuit of only the finest
quality ingredients. From then on,
the laboratory forged cutting-edge
methods for testing the exceptional
color and performance of both paint
and wallpaper. And in 2010, Farrow &
Ball made the bold decision to move
products to an eco-friendly water base.


Farrow & Ball paint comes in a range of finishes and
sheen levels that transform almost any surface. All Farrow & Ball paints, from our chalky matt emulsion to our brilliant gloss, are made with a water base that is faster-drying, lower in odor and VOCs, and better for the world.

Sustainable & Safe

Farrow & Ball paints score the highest grade for the lowest emissions which is great for the planet. The metal tins are infinitely recyclable, and strategies for reducing waste show a commitment to reducing the impact on the earth. Additionally, paints are classified low VOCs and certified toy safe.


Farrow & Ball wallpaper is paint on paper, rather than digitally printed ink, and uses Farrow & Ball’s very own richly pigmented, water based paints. Paint on paper creates a beautifully tactile, textured finish. Visit BBDG where you can browse flip through books of handcrafted Farrow & Ball wallpapers.

Primer & Undercoat

For a long-lasting finish, we recommend following Farrow & Ball’s three-coat process: one coat of Primer & Undercoat in one of four complementary tones and two coats of your selected color.

Sample Pots

The best way to experience colors before taking the plunge is with a true-to-color paint sample pot. BBDG offers sample pots for current Farrow & Ball colors in the Signature palette for $8.50.

Free Color Cards

To start your adventure in color, BBDG offers Farrow & Ball’s color cards which include the full 132-palette of carefully curated shades and the intriguing story behind each color’s name.

Mary, Your BBDG Stockist

Visit BBDG to See Our Display of Swatches & Finishes

Our Farrow & Ball display is available onsite in our Cartersville, Georgia showroom. Stop in to view color cards for each of the Farrow & Ball colors, brush boards for each Farrow & Ball finish, and wallpaper books. We can help you place your order and can answer questions about all the Farrow & Ball paints.

  • Paint cards are available free of charge.
  • Sample pots are in stock for all current colors at $8.50.
  • BBDG accepts payment by credit card.
  • BBDG will ship paint and wallpaper direct FREE or you can pick up your order at BBDG

Mary Hajduk is your BBDG specialist for all things
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